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The man behind the secret message in the Mars rover's parachute

For the thousands of people who work on a spacecraft that journeys to Mars, the result of their efforts often remains unseen once it leaves Earth. That all changed this week when NASA's Perseverance rover returned the first-ever video of a descent through the Martian atmosphere and safe landing on the red planet.

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Bezos leaves behind a company that's created value but has also triggered a national reckoning

In 1997, the year Amazon became a publicly traded company, CEO Jeff Bezos promised investors they would be in for a journey. Amazon would not chase short-term profits, he warned in a letter to shareholders. It would focus "relentlessly" on customers. It would act with urgency but prioritize long-term investments. And it would run a lean culture that minimized costs and cut waste.

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Watch the 2021 Super Bowl ads

This year, typical big spenders Budweiser and Coca-Cola are opting out of the Super Bowl. This leaves room for newcomers Uber Eats and Logitech, which both profited during the pandemic, to buy up ad space.

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CNN Poll: Republican Party favorability dips as most want party to move on from Trump

The Republican Party will begin its time as the minority party in Washington unpopular with a public ready to move on from President Donald Trump, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS. The poll also finds that the most high-profile elected Republican who will remain in office after Trump leaves, Sen. Mitch McConnell, is viewed more negatively than ever before.

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Trump's money faucet is getting shut off

A growing number of businesses suddenly want very little to do with Donald Trump after he incited a mob to attack the Capitol. That could make it more difficult for the Trump Organization to do business after he leaves office.

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