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Why do leaves change color?

This year, we've learned that almost nothing is guaranteed in life. And yet, as summer turns to autumn, one thing that is certain is the leaves changing color.

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50 fun things to do this fall (take your pick)

As we head into autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and temperatures start to cool down, the pandemic can't change that it's still the season of leaves falling and light sweaters and jackets, with the morning and twilight feeling crisp but not too chilly. Not yet.

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Opinion: The summer of staying put

If you'd asked me this past February, here are the things I'd have told you I'd be doing this summer: Launching a fourth book of poetry and going on tour with said book. In June, I was going to be in Seattle, Chicago, New York and LA. In July, I was going to teach for a short stint in Paris. My husband was going to come with me to Europe; we were going to leave our kids with the grandparents -- a blessed week alone together after nearly a decade of raising kids. Then I was going to give a reading in Edinburgh. Finally, in September, after the kids were back in school, I had a residency in Ireland.

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Opinion: Jerry Seinfeld is right about New York's future

In the great urban debate between the co-owner of the Stand Up NY comedy club on New York City's Upper West Side and its greatest stand-up act, the comedian wins the debate hands down. Jerry Seinfeld makes the point: he won't ever leave NYC. And because he won't, we won't.

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