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Donald Trump for ... speaker of the House?

• Opinion: What the Jan. 6 riot report was too afraid to say • Private investigator describes how he followed lawmakers' wife into her garage to serve a lawsuit tied to the riot • Keilar presses Democrat: Why didn't report call it an insurrection?

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GOP lawmakers' fiery language under more scrutiny after deadly Capitol riot

As he fired up a crowd of Trump supporters gathered at Arizona's state capitol last month, Rep. Paul Gosar falsely assured them that the election results could still be overturned. "Once we conquer the Hill," the six-term Republican declared to a wave of cheers, "Donald Trump is returned to being the president."

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Chef: Our industry is collapsing before lawmakers' eyes

Chef Camilla Marcus and columnist Frank Bruni tell CNN's Brooke Baldwin about the devastating impact Covid-19 has had on the restaurant industry, saying the government has not done enough to provide industry-specific relief.

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