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What Prague 1968 teaches us about Ukraine 2022

In the early hours of an August day in 1968, I was awakened by the continuous thunder of heavy planes flying low overhead -- we lived relatively close to Prague's largest airport.

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Watch: See what's happening on Russian border

CNN's Frederik Pleitgen travels to the Russian border city Rostov-on-Don, near the separatist-controlled Donbas region, where Russian military troops movement signals what the US says a larger offensive toward Ukraine.

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There wasn't a single Tesla ad during the Super Bowl. Here's why

If you were to judge the US auto market by this year's Super Bowl ads, you'd think virtually all the cars for sale in America today are electric vehicles made by the world's long-established automakers. And you never would have heard of Tesla, the world's largest EV maker.

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Potential Biden Supreme Court pick is one of the finest judges I've seen in action

In November 2019, I covered a hearing for CNN on a US House of Representatives subpoena to former White House counsel Don McGahn. The federal district court judge presiding over the case was then largely unknown to the general public, but now may be on the precipice of a nomination to the United States Supreme Court: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

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