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The half-baked arguments against DC statehood

Elliot Williams, CNN legal commentator and baker extraordinaire, argues that if any ingredient in a cake is underrepresented, the whole thing might literally fall apart. With all of Washington, DC, residents lacking representation, what does that mean for American democracy? This video is part of CNN Opinion's "Elliot Williams Kneads to Know" series, where Williams tries to get the internet to pay attention to important issues by discussing them while baking.

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Review: 'Cinderella' tries to update the fairy tale, but the shoe doesn't quite fit

Trying to retrofit "Cinderella" with a feminist sensibility is a big-time challenge, and despite ample energy and the sing-along benefits of a jukebox musical, a new version starring Camila Cabello can't crack that code. Premiering on Amazon, the movie mostly feels like Disney Channel fare with a pinch of "Moulin Rouge," a colorful distraction lacking enough magic to fulfill dreams or wishes.

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Opinion: The threat November 2022 poses to Biden

The first midterms for US presidents usually don't go well. Other than a handful of exceptions, the party of the person in the White House does poorly. In years such as 1994, Republicans took control of Congress during the Bill Clinton administration. In other cases, such as in 2002 or 2018, losing one chamber has been sufficient to change the political dynamic in Washington. As former President Barack Obama commented in 2010, when Republicans took control of the House following the fallout from the Affordable Care Act, he took a "shellacking."

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Doctor speaks after loosing colleague at hospital in India

As the coronavirus situation worses in India, hospitals are full and lacking oxygen while only two percent of the population has been fully vaccinated. CNN's Sam Kiley speaks to a doctor in New Delhi who says the losses are incomprehensible.

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Republican: How my party can prove it cares

With localities and states lacking sufficient funds for the 2020 elections, private donors have stepped in to help both Republican and Democratic jurisdictions provide voting with fewer barriers to their citizens. That seemingly public-spirited act, a path paved already by private citizens chipping in to build a park, for example, or "adopt a highway," is being met with legal challenges from a conservative legal nonprofit.

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I'm voting for Biden. I also think the Senate should confirm Judge Barrett

The coming weeks may be brutal: The level of partisan rancor and performative outrage that we've seen over the timing of Judge Amy Coney Barrett's nomination may intensify during the confirmation hearings. And if that's the case, the hearings will be more than just terrible TV. They will underscore the fact that the American people -- and their senators -- are sorely lacking in basic civic knowledge. There may be protesters from the gallery shouting, for example, that Judge Barrett hates women's uteruses, and senators will likely be pandering to such unfounded criticism.

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Analysis: Biden shows the qualities Trump lacks at CNN Town Hall

Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Thursday showed the empathy and fact-based thinking at a CNN Town Hall that President Donald Trump has been lacking, both at his own similar event two days before and throughout his botched management of a pandemic that has killed nearly 200,000 Americans.

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Historian: I watched 'Mulan' so you don't have to

With the new live-action version of "Mulan," Disney missed the mark with viewers in China and the United States. How did they mess this up so badly? There are numerous controversies surrounding the film's release, but most of them do not even have to do with the fact that the movie itself is a boring, drab and inaccurate mess. Although the story is well known around the world, the live-action movie is slow, repetitive, and lacking in any substantial character development.

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Analysis: John Lewis' demands from 57 years ago couldn't feel more familiar today

In 1963, a young John Lewis arrived at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom prepared to excoriate the Kennedy administration, which many racial justice activists viewed as lacking moral resolve in its approach to civil rights. The speech was so damning, though, that other leaders asked Lewis to tamp it down.

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Opinion: Donald Trump's heartless week

Ever since the coronavirus began its deadly march through the US, Donald Trump has been accused of lacking the empathy presidents typically draw on to lead and soothe a nation in crisis.

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Trump tackles policing reform from administration still lacking diversity

As President Donald Trump considers potential actions to take in the wake of protests demanding policing reforms and racial equality, the White House inner circle counseling him is exceedingly white and includes just one black Cabinet member and one black domestic policy adviser.

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