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In San Francisco, a new kind of team is replacing police for some 911 calls

Amid protests calling for alternative services to police responders, cities have started implementing crisis response teams to replace police officers for certain 911 calls. In San Francisco, a new street crisis response team is comprised of behavioral and mental health experts who respond to non-violent incidents. We follow along as the unit patrols the streets and helps out individuals experiencing mental health crises, and speak to Addie Kitchen, who says a team like this could have saved her grandson's life. CNN's Chris James reports.

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Levi Strauss CEO: Failing to mandate paid leave is inexcusable

In October, a Levi Strauss & Co. employee named Elizabeth took her son to the emergency room with a terrible stomach ache. There, a doctor gave her the kind of news every parent dreads: Her son had a growth in his abdomen, the result of an extremely rare condition.

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Analysis: With 'WandaVision' and 'The Mandalorian,' Disney+ has found its magic spell

Hits are elusive in the entertainment industry, and the fact Disney+ has conjured two with "The Mandalorian" and now "WandaVision" speaks to a certain kind of Disney magic. Yet as the latter prepares to end its run, lessons have emerged about translating "Star Wars" and Marvel into this relatively new medium, as well as the spells they have cast for Disney+.

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Why not everyone is happy with Italy's €1 homes bonanza

Dozens of towns in Italy have been selling abandoned dwellings for a song, sparking a new kind of gold rush as enthusiastic buyers from all over the world try to secure a bargain in beautiful, remote villages.

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The hot new thing in tech: speaking into your phone

Before last year, 28-year-old Meredith Giuliani thought voice notes were "kind of weird," and she mostly stuck to texting. But after the pandemic hit, audio messages became a daily routine for her and many of her friends.

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Cuomo administration's handling of nursing home deaths calls for serious investigation

Going back more than a hundred years, New York has held the dubious distinction of being a corruption leader among US states and has struggled to ensure integrity in state government. In recent years, high-profile bribery cases have ensnared the leaders of both legislative bodies and Governor Andrew Cuomo's former right-hand man. Now, a different kind of potential abuse of the public trust has come to light, and this time Governor Cuomo himself is in the hot seat.

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UK warns all vacations could be canceled for 2021

Booking any kind of summer travel escape became an even bigger gamble for millions of British people on Wednesday as the the government warned that even staycations could be under threat until vaccinations are completed.

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Companies hope people will buy the idea of antibody treatments to prevent Covid

Makers of monoclonal antibody treatments say they have shown the therapies can help prevent severe coronavirus disease in people who are already infected. Now they're planning to ask the US Food and Drug Administration for authorization to use them as a kind of "passive vaccine" to protect people at high risk of infection.

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