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California relief should never have been a question

It was dawn on Friday, and all night scalding winds had been blowing. Our kids were sleeping on the floor downstairs to stay cool. We don't have AC, and until recently, in the Bay Area, we never needed it. Now, after four years of devastating early fall heat waves, high winds and worsening fires, I realize it's instinctive to keep the kids close on nights like this. We know full well what sweating through a hot windy October night means: Red flag warnings, constant vigilance, waking up to check air quality for signs of smoke. It means keeping an eye on the bag packed by the door.

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Lockdown or a drip feed of Covid restrictions? One path is better for the economy

Governments across Europe are choosing between two vastly different strategies as a second wave of Covid-19 arrives in force. Most are imposing limited local restrictions and keeping their economies open. But in the UK and Ireland, scientific advisers have pushed for second national lockdowns, despite fears of an economic shock.

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Girls with power tools build their way to focus and calm

So much of our children's world has gone virtual. Remote school, Zoom holidays and FaceTiming with friends may be keeping us safe from contagion but they're leaving all of us — kids especially — hungry for the tangible.

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Republicans are flooding the internet with deceptive videos. Big Tech isn't keeping up

A series of deceptively edited and misleading videos shared by prominent Republicans have run up millions of views across Facebook and Twitter in just the past few days. And while both companies have pledged to combat misinformation, their responses to these videos followed a familiar pattern: often they act too late, do too little, or don't anything at all.

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Why you should be a poll worker this year

You've seen them. They check your name and voter registration when you arrive at your polling place, provide you with the correct ballot and hand you an "I Voted" sticker when you're done. They're poll workers: volunteers recruited and trained by county and local election officials to do the tough work of keeping our elections running.

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Keeping endorphins flowing during quarantine

Hector Guadalupe founded A Second U Foundation to help fellow former inmates find jobs in the fitness industry. As Covid-19 closed gyms, Hector and his team found new ways to reach clients and inspire.

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Michael Phelps says this helped him cope with the pandemic

Michael Phelps, the 23-time Olympic gold medalist, tells CNN's Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta that keeping a routine and exercising every day has made all the difference in how he copes with the coronavirus pandemic.

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Taiwan could become the next flashpoint in the global tech war

The world is becoming increasingly dependent on a Taiwanese company for the most advanced semiconductors, after a stumble by rival Intel. But TSMC is trying to pull off a high-wire act by keeping both China and the United States happy at a time of rapidly escalating geopolitical tensions.

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Appeals court revives Michael Flynn case

A federal appeals court in Washington, DC, agreed to rehear arguments about the judicial branch's ability to question the Justice Department's decision to drop the prosecution of Michael Flynn, keeping the the controversial case against the former national security adviser alive.

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Stimulus negotiations resume today. Here's where things stand

The negotiators responsible for brokering a sweeping deal to keep tens of millions of people from losing federal unemployment benefits, all while keeping the economy as the coronavirus resurges in various places across the country, are currently at the "airing our differences" phase of talks.

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Opinion: Why the national security adviser's Covid-19 infection is a national security problem

With coronavirus casualties at sickening levels, Americans learned on Monday that no one is safe from Covid-19 -- not even the man who's supposed to be keeping Americans safe. News that US National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien has tested positive for the virus presents an immediate health risk within the walls of the White House while serving as a worrisome metaphor for the administration's coronavirus crisis management more generally. If the government couldn't keep a top-ranking official like O'Brien healthy, that doesn't instill confidence it can do the same for us.

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