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Inside America's 'militias' - from the KKK to the Oath Keepers

America's self-styled militias have roots dating back to the KKK's formation during Reconstruction. In the latest "Reality Check with John Avlon: Extremist Beat," CNN's Sara Sidner joins Avlon as they trace this history, from the Minutemen of the 1960's to the deadly Oklahoma City bombing to today's Oath Keepers.

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Stephanie Grisham: It was a mistake to work for President Trump

Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham went on "Good Morning America" to talk about her time working in Donald Trump's White House and for the First Lady, as well as her upcoming book. CNN's Kate Bennett joins New Day to discuss.

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New book: Aide played Broadway tunes to calm Trump down

A new book from former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham says when then-President Donald Trump would become enraged, a "music man" would play him Broadway tunes in hopes of calming him down. Legendary Broadway actress Betty Buckley joins CNN's Jim Acosta, responding to the reported impact of her performance of "Memory" from the musical, "Cats."

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'Best Trump impersonator' joins 'SNL' cast

New "Saturday Night Live" featured player James Austin Johnson has gone viral in recent years for his top-notch impression of former President Donald Trump. A 2020 Vanity Fair article called him "The best Trump impersonator of all."

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