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Trump supporters praise Sinema's voting rights stance

Two events -- a Trump rally and a voting rights march -- in the same state on the same day of Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend encapsulated a nation at odds with itself about the future of its democracy. CNN's Donie O'Sullivan reports.

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America almost lost its democracy. Here's how we stop that from happening again

As we swear in a new President and look to a new era in Washington DC, a cloud of anger and fear hangs over America after pro-Trump insurrectionists stormed the US Capitol. President-elect Joe Biden has big plans and a serious mandate, but he will have to govern a divided nation, one that was nearly torn apart by a mob hellbent on destroying it. I talk to US Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut and CNN Senior Political Analyst David Gergen about what comes next for America's fragile democracy. But first, Rep. Himes writes this week's CNN op-ed. --SE Cupp

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Trump has put America's moral authority in danger

America, for all its flaws, has always been symbolized by a torch lighting a path toward equality and freedom in the world, even as it struggled to realize its own democratic ideals. The flame has always flickered, and it has always required tending. Millions around the world have recognized the aspirational significance of its democracy and the very real accomplishments of the American experiment.

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Response to violence

What does violence in Egypt mean for its democracy? How should U.S. respond? Bret Stephens and Peter Beinart weigh in.

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