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The New York Times paints a grim picture of its own workplace culture

The New York Times is admitting its own workplace issues, particularly around the treatment of Black and Latino employees, in a report released Wednesday. Included with the analysis is a four-point plan to improve conditions that the report's authors say will require "commitment from company leadership" as well as employees.

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Opinion: After getting a Covid-19 vaccine, I thought about my son

"What a relief," I say to my wife Linda as I feel my neck starting to relax, signaling an easing of tension. It's late January and we are walking from a California Covid-19 vaccination site, where we've just gotten our first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. We qualified because of our age, and because we are primary caregivers to our son, Sean, who is now 34. He has autism, pervasive developmental disabilities, along with respiratory issues.

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Ex-President Trump has a *lot* of money problems

Donald Trump officially left the White House on January 20. Immediately, he came face-to-face with a whole bunch of financial issues and crumbling business ventures. In this latest episode of The Point, CNN's Chris Cillizza ticks through the trouble the former president now faces.

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Host's controversy puts 'Bachelor' race issues back in the spotlight

Chris Harrison's announcement that he would step aside as the host of "The Bachelor" for an undetermined length of time following controversial remarks he made has reignited conversation about the reality franchise's problematic history regarding issues of race and diversity.

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The global problems Biden can't avoid

In his first days in office, President Joe Biden has prioritized immediate actions in America and for Americans. This is what he promised. But he has also committed to reestablishing international US leadership, with "humility and confidence" as Secretary of State Antony Blinken put it, and started with executive orders on issues like refugees and the pandemic.

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New coronavirus variants threaten to stress US system more, CDC head says

The first Covid-19 briefing of the Biden administration got off to an unfortunate start on Wednesday with multiple technical difficulties. The administration has repeatedly touted their transparency amid the enormous undertaking of getting the pandemic under control, but the briefing, which was conducted virtually via Zoom, had multiple audiovisual issues.

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