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Barrett's answers on Roe v. Wade were different

Amy Coney Barrett avoided giving her opinion on Roe v. Wade during her confirmation hearing. While judges typically try not to weigh in on controversial legal issues, previous nominees have talked about abortion differently.

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Infectious disease expert issues stark warning about US

As the United States records it's highest single day total for new Covid-19 cases, infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm warns that the country will see some of the darkest days in its history until a vaccine is made widely available.

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2020 ballot questions: What states are voting on besides the US presidential election

Voters across the country this November will decide more than who will sit in White House. States will weigh several different issues this election, such as whether to legalize marijuana, limit access to abortion, reform voting and more. A state's full list of approved ballot questions can typically be found on its secretary of state's website.

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Biden hides his views on key issues

There's some comfort after watching former Vice President Joe Biden's Town Hall on ABC: The 17 million Americans who have already voted didn't miss a thing. It was 90 minutes of nothing new, nothing eventful, nothing earth-shattering. The truth is, no news is just fine when you are the frontrunner. When you're leading key polls by double digits with less than three weeks until the election, you don't run your mouth, you let the clock run out.

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Opinion: Amy Coney Barrett's alarming non-answers

Judge Amy Coney Barrett isn't the first Supreme Court nominee in recent history to hide behind the disingenuous notion that a nominee "can't offer an opinion" on possible legal issues that may come before her as a future justice.

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