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What it's like flying across the US right now

After months of lonely isolation in my one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment, I finally decided to bite the bullet and fly to Northern California on Saturday -- using the utmost precautions with a pre-assembled Covid-19 kit: mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and a straw.

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I'm over 60. Stop talking about coronavirus 'culling' me

I was talking to a friend the other day about the pandemic, and we were musing about when we could end our isolation. Now that the world is beginning to reopen prematurely amid rising infection numbers, I have been thinking especially of those of us in our 60s and older. While the Covid-19 virus attacks all ages, we are among those at greatest risk.

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Opinion: Reopen schools with a 'golden age of play'

When the novel coronavirus is no longer as great a threat and schools finally reopen, we should give children the one thing they will need most after enduring months of isolation, stress, physical restraint and woefully inadequate, screen-based remote learning. We should give them playtime -- and lots of it.

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How TikTok is helping people manage anxiety

In one 15-second clip on TikTok, clinical psychologist Dr. Julie Smith can be seen dancing while text encourages people not to compare their isolation to others. In another 60-second video, Smith breaks down five ways to tackle anxiety, including slow breathing techniques.

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