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In Texas, questions grow about a lesser-known US Attorney ousted by Barr

Over Memorial Day weekend, Attorney General William Barr removed a low-profile US attorney in Texas following the public airing of a dispute over an investigation into Walmart -- a move that didn't draw the same attention as the firing of the high-profile US attorney in Manhattan, but is now raising new questions about political interference inside the Justice Department.

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Governor to reexamine death of Elijah McClain

A recent social media outcry demanding Colorado officials launch an independent investigation into the 2019 death of a 23-year-old Elijah McCain in police custody has prompted Gov. Jared Polis to announce his administration will reexamine the case.

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Prosecutors accuse Barr and DOJ of politicizing probes

Two prosecutors in the Justice Department will ratchet up the criticism of Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday with remarkable congressional testimony accusing senior Justice Department officials of politicizing DOJ investigations and the sentencing of a friend of President Donald Trump.

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