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Armed Ethiopian soldiers raid hospital featured in CNN report

Ethiopian soldiers armed with machine guns, sniper rifles and grenades raided a hospital in Ethiopia's war-torn northern Tigray region earlier this week in retribution, doctors say, for a CNN investigation that revealed Ethiopian and Eritrean troops were blocking humanitarian aid to patients there.

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GOP leaders split on the January 6 probe but No. 2 Republican predicts Senate will pass bill 'in some form'

Senate Minority Whip John Thune predicted Monday that his chamber would pass a bill to establish a bipartisan commission probing the January 6 attack "in some form" and seemed content on focusing mainly on the events that transpired at the Capitol, splitting with other GOP leaders who want the investigation to dig into left-wing extremism as well.

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Federal prosecutor overseeing Rudy Giuliani probe stepping down

The chief of the public corruption unit at the Manhattan US Attorney's office, which is handling the criminal investigation of Rudy Giuliani, is stepping down at the end of the week to return to private practice, a person familiar with the matter tells CNN.

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Opinion: What has come out against Matt Gaetz paints a bleak picture

This needs to be said right up front about the pending Justice Department investigation of Rep. Matt Gaetz: there's still a lot that we don't know. He has steadfastly, even furiously, denied any wrongdoing. But the facts that have emerged -- including new CNN reporting that federal prosecutors are attempting to obtain cooperation from Gaetz's ex-girlfriend -- seem likely to paint a bleak picture for Gaetz moving forward.

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Bill Barr's indefensible defense of Trump isn't fooling judge

We already knew that former Attorney General Bill Barr grossly misled Congress and the public about the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. Turns out, it's even worse than that. New revelations in a Washington, DC, lawsuit make clear the depths of the fundamental dishonesty that marred Barr's tenure as attorney general.

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SE Cupp: Gov. Cuomo's Trumpian response a new level of gross

CNN political commentator SE Cupp explains her new op-ed comparing former President Donald Trump and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's response to investigations, specifically a pair of independent investigations into allegations that Gov. Cuomo sexually harassed or behaved inappropriately toward several women. Gov. Cuomo has not commented about either investigation, except to ask for the public to wait for their conclusions before passing judgment on him.

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