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BBC deluged with complaints over wall-to-wall Prince Philip coverage

Global interest in the British royal family has boomed recently, mostly due to Harry and Meghan's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey last month and the hit TV series "The Crown." But after Prince Philip's death on Friday, media saturation appears to have reached tipping point, in Britain at least.

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Brooke Baldwin: These women inspired me in the year since Covid-19 knocked me flat

One year ago this week I sat in a hospital room tapping my fingers impatiently on the cold chair as my doctor told me I would have to wait a few days for the results of my Covid-19 test. Our nation was barely a month into quarantine. The words "pandemic" and "coronavirus" were still new to our vernacular. I was a journalist -- I had to interview a nurse the next day on my show -- and I didn't have time for this Covid thing.

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Watch Carlson's uncomfortable interview with Gaetz

Fox News host Tucker Carlson appeared to be left uncomfortable and confused after interviewing Rep. Matt Gaetz about allegations related to sex trafficking of a minor. CNN's Ryan Nobles reports.

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Dominion Voting Systems lawyer explains lawsuit against Fox

Brian Stelter interviews attorney Stephen Shackelford about how Dominion intends to prove the company was defamed. He says "our complaint lays out in gory detail" how "Fox kept spouting these lies about Dominion." Shackelford also says the company has not ruled out suing Donald Trump.

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Here's what you missed this week from Anderson Cooper

Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 6 p.m. ET, Anderson Cooper hosts a digital show streaming live around the world covering the stories that audiences care about most. From an interview with actor Leslie Jordan to a look into Cooper's skin-care routine, these are the can't-miss moments of the week.

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Review: 'Tina' tells Tina Turner's story, with a tribute that keeps on turning

"Tina" is that rare documentary that leaves you craving an encore, as if two hours weren't quite enough to do Tina Turner's life and career justice. Weaving in a new interview with the 81-year-old icon, the footage then and now underlines the impression of Turner as a force of nature, rocking and rolling with and without Ike.

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Critics point out inconsistencies in Sussex's Oprah interview

Whether or not you support the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, it's hard to argue against profound issues raised by their interview with Oprah Winfrey, especially around suicide prevention and confronting racism. But critics of the couple are pointing to inconsistencies in the tell-all interview. CNN's Max Foster reports.

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How Prince Harry got his new job

Prince Harry has found a new gig: The Duke of Sussex joined a startup called BetterUp as chief impact officer, which provides mental health services and coaching to clients online. The job announcement came weeks after he and wife Meghan Markle's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which they spoke on the mental health struggles that came with royal life.

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