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Here's how we know sanctions are hurting Russia

• EU bans investment in Russian energy • China has expressed an openness to assist Russia, US intel suggests • Germany will buy US-made F-35 fighter jets as it ramps up military spending

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Biden addresses world as Putin makes threats

• US intelligence agencies make understanding Vladimir Putin's state of mind a top priority • US lawmakers received 'disheartening' briefing on Ukraine situation • Ukraine presents Republican leaders with a crucial choice

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SenseTime reopens IPO, but excludes US investors

Chinese artificial intelligence giant SenseTime has revived its $767 million initial public offering, just days after it had delayed its public debut after being hit by another US blacklist.

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Opinion: Devin Nunes' new job is out of Trump's old playbook

Devin Nunes, currently the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, is ditching his 19-year career in Congress to become the chief executive officer of a new media and technology company founded by former President Donald Trump. Although there's nothing new in an elected official changing careers, this case involves the less usual circumstance of a ranking minority member of a key committee moving into a realm unrelated to his political experience.

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