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Inside a luxury Thailand "golf quarantine"

At six in the morning, Heo Kwang-eum tees off another day in Thailand in coronavirus quarantine -- literally. He's one of dozens of South Korean visitors spending two weeks in isolation playing golf at a resort an hour north of Bangkok.

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Exclusive: Inside Russia's new vaccine factory

In a CNN exclusive interview, Matthew Chance takes us inside Russia's new coronavirus vaccine factory, where manufacturers are producing coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V.

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'Where is everyone?': Inside Trump's DC hotel post-presidency

A sprawling lobby and bar with only a handful of people. Confused guests asking where everybody went. Elegant, but empty hallways. These are the scenes CNN observed inside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, this month as the once-humming destination confronts a new reality without its namesake in the White House.

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Boris Johnson set to take England out of lockdown

Boris Johnson is set to announce his long-awaited roadmap for taking England out of lockdown, British government officials confirmed to CNN on Monday morning. The country has been in full national lockdown since January 4 after new variants of coronavirus were found inside parts of England that expedited the spread of the virus and was thought to be more dangerous.

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How this community is bridging the gap to reach minorities hard-hit by the pandemic

The UK's Vaccination Program is moving at breakneck speed, but a lack of reach to communities in need of vaccine and virus information have impacted case numbers and infection rates -- particularly among ethnic minorities who have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19. Now, one London community is taking action by setting up a vaccination center inside the largest Hindu temple in all of Europe. CNN's Salma Abdelaziz reports.

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If a winter storm is coming your way, read this

Severe winter storms can keep you stuck inside for days, knock out your power and leave you chattering from the cold. If you're prepared when storms strike, though, you'll make it through more comfortably.

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