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BET Awards 2020 opening was fire

The BET Awards celebrated not only its 20th anniversary, but also the increased focus currently on the Black community and culture Sunday.

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Silicon Valley can no longer tinker around its diversity problem

Six years ago, a wave of tech companies including Apple, Twitter, eBay, and LinkedIn began revealing data on the diversity of their workforces. The information, which had previously been kept closely guarded, was released after increased pressure for transparency as their fortunes and influence swelled.

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Why white rhino numbers have increased 34,000%

The southern white rhino has been to the brink of extinction and back, but even as it continues to be under threat from poachers, it's survival is largely thanks to the conservation work of one park.

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Florida and Texas governors blame spike in cases on testing

As coronavirus cases spike in Florida and Texas this week, the state's Republican governors attributed the alarming trends to increased testing, outbreaks in high-risk areas like jails and assisted living facilities, or in Florida's case, migrant worker communities. They've also brushed away pleas from local officials for stronger requirements to wear masks.

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