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Mueller considered speaking up earlier against Trump's attacks, sources say

Former special counsel Robert Mueller chose to break his silence and defend his investigation this weekend after weeks of contemplating doing so, in part because an inflammatory and factually incorrect White House statement attacked his prosecution of President Donald Trump's ally Roger Stone, according to multiple sources familiar with the Mueller team.

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Bubba Wallace responds to Trump's 'hoax' tweet

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace said President Donald Trump's was not only late but incorrect in his tweet that said Wallace should apologize after a noose was found hanging in his team's garage -- which the president refers to as a "hoax."

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Trump drops 'socialism' tack and goes after 'defund the police'

President Donald Trump's political "strategy" has always been based on negative partisanship. He does not appear to believe in the politics of addition, but in the politics of division. It's a two-part play: he demonizes Democrats to fire up the base while trying to convince just enough swing voters that he's a proudly politically incorrect counterweight to liberal extremism.

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