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Bipartisan 'Problem Solvers': let's make a deal

These days, all Americans seem to hear is that Washington, D.C., is irreversibly broken. The two parties are at constant loggerheads, whether it be about voting rights, immigration, or any number of other issues. Leaders of both parties perpetually accuse their counterparts of overreach. Money, social media, and power incentivize members of Congress to reject compromise even when reaching across the aisle serves the greater good.

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Why are companies struggling to hire workers?

The new jobs report shows many openings are going unfilled. Are unemployment benefits so high that people are not incentivized to go back to work? CNN's Michael Smerconish examines the trend.

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Guess who benefits from wind energy

President Donald Trump argued Thursday that the Paris climate agreement was a raw deal for America -- one that would kill jobs across the country. What he didn't say was that the accord supports solutions like wind energy, which incentivize US business to invest in energy projects that largely benefit his base of rural Republicans.

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