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Opinion: Where Biden's moon rock came from

The day after the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, the Washington Post reported on the aesthetics of the newly redecorated Oval Office. Among all sorts of noteworthy items, a moon rock was found to be sitting on a bookshelf. Social media rejoiced at the sight, an indubitably cool artifact to find inside the White House. But what many didn't know was that this rock, dubbed Lunar Sample 76015,143, had been on an Odyssean journey to get there, one 3.9 billion years in the making.

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Opinion: What Latinos want to hear from Biden

The installation of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States was a welcome relief from four years of Donald Trump's constant demonization of Latinos, from separating immigrant children from their families to building his border wall to tossing paper towels at hurricane-ravaged Puerto Ricans. Inauguration Day featured the New York-bred Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, of Puerto Rican heritage, swearing in Vice President Kamala Harris, fellow Nuyorican Jennifer Lopez quoting the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish, and the revival of "La Casa Blanca," the Spanish-language page on the White House website.

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Inside Kamala Harris' historic first days

In the hours after her historic inauguration, Kamala Harris beamed into televisions across the country, delivering her first speech as vice president just steps beyond the sitting relic of Abraham Lincoln and a short distance from where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shared his iconic words that inspired generations.

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Forget the outfits, everyone is talking about the kicks

Whether it was the significance of the transition of power, Amanda Gorman's poem, the famous faces in the crowd or the barrage of Bernie Sanders memes, the inauguration of US President Joe Biden wasn't short of talking points.

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