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Ivanka Trump ignores trial questions

In Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum, CNN's Jim Acosta asked Ivanka Trump to comment on the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

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Opinion: The huge threat to America that Trump ignores

The Trump administration's National Counterterrorism Strategy correctly states that the country has "long faced a persistent security threat from domestic terrorists who are not motivated by a radical Islamist ideology but are instead motivated by other forms of violent extremism."

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Trump brags about environment, ignores climate crisis

CNN's John Avlon does a reality check on the Trump administration's record on the environment and debunks President Donald Trump's attempt to take credit for positive environmental trends that date back decades.

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Opinion: Alabama's abortion law addresses an urgent human rights issue

The Alabama pro-life law signed into law Wednesday addresses a human-rights issue: the right to life. The argument that only a woman's body is at stake doesn't work: from conception, a pregnancy involves at least distinct bodies — that of the fertilized egg which contains a distinct and new blend of DNA (from mother and father), all that is needed to become a baby, and that of the mother. It is dangerous when a society ignores the rights of the young and innocent.

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