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Opinion: Why Mitch McConnell is warning corporate CEOs

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's recent warning to the corporate CEOs of America that they would face serious consequences for using "economic blackmail" to protest against voter suppression laws is neither a gaffe nor a misstatement. Rather, it reflects the state of a Republican Party that is settling into its post-Donald Trump identity.

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Introducing CNN Style's Hyphenated

America today is more diverse than it's ever been, yet for many minorities, growing up with a hyphenated notion of identity is to grapple with a sense of belonging that is constantly challenged both internally and externally -- "where are you really from?"

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Analysis: With Covid relief and stimulus checks in sight, Biden asks for faith in US democracy

Democrats muscled past unified Republican opposition, resolved their own last-minute identity crisis and are on the cusp of delivering a massive Covid relief bill that will put $1,400 checks in the pockets of millions of Americans, shore up unemployment for the millions still out of work and notch the first major legislative accomplishment of Joe Biden's presidency.

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LGBTQ Americans get fair housing protection

Protections under the Fair Housing Act will now cover LGBTQ Americans, the Biden administration announced Thursday, a move that allows the federal government to investigate complaints of housing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

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'Pizza Rat Man' goes viral. Now you can meet him

A man-sized version of New York's infamous pizza rat went massively viral. Now the identity of "Pizza Rat Man," formally known as "Buddy the Rat," has been revealed. CNN's Jeanne Moos has both the tale and the tail.

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