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Walmart stops displaying Mississippi state flag in stores

Walmart has stopped displaying the Mississippi state flag — which includes the Confederate battle flag — in stores. Walmart said the decision to no longer display the Mississippi flag is in line with its 2015 policy ending sales of all merchandise featuring the Confederate flag.

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Bolton just revealed what Donald Trump doesn't grasp

Whether you like John Bolton or not, it's impossible to deny that he is someone who spent almost 18 months in very close proximity to President Donald Trump. And someone who in meetings in which major decisions about national security and foreign policy were made.

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Congress should call Bolton to testify

If nothing else, former national security adviser John Bolton is a colorful figure. Love him or hate him, Bolton is a smart lawyer and skillful bureaucratic infighter with a well-defined worldview. An assertive neoconservative with a reputation for being a national security hawk, Bolton has often crossed swords with the foreign policy establishment and is not known for playing well with others.

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Betsy DeVos fighting to exclude DACA students from Covid-19 aid

The Department of Education is continuing its fight to exclude undocumented college students from receiving coronavirus relief grants despite a ruling from a federal court judge Wednesday that temporarily strikes down the agency's policy on funding eligibility.

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