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The iPhone 13 hits shelves

Apple officially launched its next-generation iPhone 13 line on Friday, with four new smartphones hitting shelves and shipping to customers who secured their orders early.

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Apple denies Fortnite a return to App Store

Apple will not allow Fortnite back on its devices until its legal battle with the video game's maker, Epic Games, has fully concluded, potentially delaying the game's return to iPhones by several years.

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A Covid pass takes France by storm

At our first meal in Paris, at a charming outdoor table on the Boulevard Saint-Germain the waiter immediately asked for our "pass sanitaire," or health pass, an app showing proof of either vaccination, a negative Covid-19 test or of past infection. Using a tablet, he scanned the QR codes on our iPhones, verified we were fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and promptly delivered the food we'd ordered at the counter inside, where everyone -- guests and staff -- was masked.

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Here's when you can get iOS 15

Apple is releasing iOS 15, its eagerly anticipated operating system for iPhone and iPads, on September 20.

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See the new iPhone 13

Apple introduced four new iPhones at its annual event touting environmental-friendly design features and its new video "cinematic mode." Prices begin at $699

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Apple set to unveil new iPhones

Apple is expected to unveil four new iPhones on Tuesday during a virtual media event held from its Cupertino, California, headquarters.

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Can new iPhones juice Apple's spectacular run?

Earlier this month, shares of Apple — the most valuable company in the world — hit an all-time high. The stock has slipped back a bit in recent sessions. Now, in the face of intense legal pressure and embarrassing security breaches, can it resume its ascent?

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Apple and Epic Games spar in closing arguments over Fortnite

A weeks-long blockbuster antitrust trial between Apple and Epic Games culminated on Monday with the maker of the hit video game Fortnite calling Apple an "overlord" and the iPhone maker suggesting Epic is paving the way for a "scary" future for iOS customers.

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