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Dozens of hospitals poised to defy FDA's directive on Covid plasma

Dozens of major hospitals across the U.S. are grappling with whether to ignore a federal decision allowing broader emergency use of blood plasma from recovered COVID patients to treat the disease in favor of dedicating their resources to a gold-standard clinical trial that could help settle the science for good.

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Virus 'veterans' provide relief to sufferers

In one of Israel's top hospitals, former coronavirus patients are working as volunteers on Covid-19 wards to help provide support to sufferers who can't see their families or friends due to isolation restrictions. Journalist Elliott Gotkine reports.

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Dr. Birx's nod to mask fashion is more than just sartorial

• Texas and Arizona ER doctors say they are losing hope as hospitals reach capacity • The man who had coronavirus firmly in his grasp, only to see it slip through his fingers • Doctor: What Covid stress is doing to your body

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Ultrasound machines that connect to smartphones help doctors safely scan coronavirus patients

When Butterfly Network first began rolling out its handheld ultrasound scanners in 2018, much of the focus was on providing tools to parts of Africa and Latin America, where access to large and more traditional ultrasound machines was far more restricted. But two years later, a technology that was positioned to help the developing world may find a new use in the United States as hospitals adapt to the new challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

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