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Opinion: Sky high natural gas prices will hurt low-income Americans the most this winter

Prices for gasoline, food and other essentials have all risen over the past few months, straining family budgets across the US. And now, prices for natural gas, the most common way to heat homes, are at their highest level in the last seven years. If it's a cold winter, prices could go even higher. For struggling families and low-income Americans, increased heating costs will be yet another necessity they can no longer afford.

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Why ending our dependence on fossil fuels is so challenging

Humans have been burning fossil fuels for energy since the Industrial Revolution. We use them to heat our homes, cook our food and fuel our cars. Over the course of more than a century, fossil fuels became entrenched in every aspect of the economy and people's lives.

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Review: 'Diana: The Musical' brings the stage to Netflix, but 'The Crown' hangs over its head

After splendid presentations of "Hamilton" and "Come From Away" brought theater into homes via other streamers, Netflix adds to the act with a bonus, offering "Diana: The Musical" prior to its stage debut. But other productions, including Netflix's own The Crown," loom large over this vibrant but oft-told tale, dutifully recounting Princess Diana's story through a less-than-memorable assortment of songs.

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The Americans who bought bargain homes in Italy's deep south

Buying an abandoned home in a tiny, depopulated Italian village is something that many travelers will have mulled over, especially given the vast number of bargain house schemes launched in the European country over the past few years.

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Watch cute Cowboys fan confuse Dak Prescott with Patrick Mahomes

Aaiden Diggs, the son of Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs, mixed up his quarterbacks when he got to meet the Cowboys' QB Dak Prescott on an episode of HBO's "Hard Knocks" and confused him with Kansas City Chiefs' QB Patrick Mahomes.

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