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Analysis: The deep electoral roots of the impeachment standoff

The virtually lockstep Republican defense of President Donald Trump so far during his impeachment trial marks a new milestone in the Senate's long-term evolution into a more partisan and regimented institution that demands unwavering party loyalty and punishes the freewheeling independence that characterized the great legislators through the body's history.

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Watch: Kobe Bryant's first interview as pro NBA player

Hear a young Kobe Bryant give his first interview as a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant entered the NBA straight after high school making him the youngest player in NBA history at the time.

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Watergate judge's courage is what we need today

I don't remember Judge John Sirica, my grandfather. I was 4 years old when he died in 1992. What I do know of him, I have learned from my father, and from reading history -- he was the chief judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, and he presided over the Watergate trials. His order to the White House to turn over the Watergate tapes led to President Richard Nixon's resignation.

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Dems invoke McCain during Senate impeachment trial

Impeachment House manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) used video footage of late Sen. John McCain during the Senate impeachment trial to exemplify the threat posed by Russia on Ukraine over the course of history, and to reinforce the notion that support for Ukraine is critical to US national security.

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