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Senior Trump Air Force official suggested dramatically slashing F-35 jet numbers

The official in charge of purchasing military hardware for the US Air Force suggested slashing the total number of Lockheed Martin F-35 jets for the service by more than half late last year, according to two former defense officials involved in the discussions who spoke with CNN. The news comes as Congressional criticism of the most expensive weapons program in US history grows.

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My great-grandmother survived the 1921 Tulsa massacre. We're not heeding her history

A century ago, my Black brothers and sisters were decimated by one of the worst occurrences of racial violence in our nation's history. On May 31 and June 1, 1921, White gangs flooded into the thriving Greenwood neighborhood and murdered up to 300 Black men, women and children. According to the Tulsa Historical Society, 1,500 Black homes were burned, along with over 600 businesses, and places of worship, healing, learning and gathering.

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Review: 'The Underground Railroad' conducts an unsettling ride through an alternate history

"The Underground Railroad" has an almost dreamlike quality, exploring an alternate history of the antebellum South that filters Colson Whitehead's Pulitzer Prize-winning book through "Moonlight" director Barry Jenkins' lens. But the emotional wallop delivered by Amazon's beautifully rendered limited series is somewhat offset by the journey's length, stretching about six terrific hours' worth of TV over a 10-hour format.

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America's gas panic has a long history

First the scramble for toilet paper, now the gas lines. That's how we know Americans are in a panic. This past week, fearing the fallout from the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline that supplies the East Coast as a result of a cyberattack, drivers are tanking up by more than 40% in states from Virginia to Florida. At the same time, prices are shooting up, hovering around $3 a gallon, a price not seen in more than six years and likely to rise in the days to come. Air travel is also being disrupted.

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Opinion: We saddled up to make sure Native Americans got to vote

Last fall, in anticipation of a monumental presidential election, I organized the Ride to the Polls campaign, which led Diné voters on horseback to polling places to cast their votes in Arizona. We rode over 20 miles on horseback to honor our ancestors who did not have cars but still rode for miles and hours just to vote. By communicating this history and reminding our young people of these stories, we hoped they'd be motivated to protect the sacred -- our languages, cultures and lands that are impacted by policies and federal resources -- with their votes.

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Perseverance rover is ready to unlock the history of Mars

For the past month, the Perseverance rover has spent much of its time documenting the flights of the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars. In between those events, the rover has also been taking in the local view and spied a multitude of intriguing rocks.

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'History is watching,' Liz Cheney warns GOP in op-ed

• Analysis: The GOP's utterly embarrassing capitulation to Donald Trump, in 1 photo • Biden says the GOP going through a 'mini revolution' • Opinion: It's a win-win-win for Republicans -- and Liz Cheney

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