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The unvaccinated Covid surge is only beginning, experts warn

With the recent increase of Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations due to the spread of the more dangerous Delta variant, health experts and officials expect the surge to worsen as long as large segments of the country remain unvaccinated.

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Why we need to mask up again

Faced with a pandemic that has killed more Americans than all those who perished during World War II, America is a nation divided, split by both politics and the health crisis at hand. We've become two countries, one vaccinated and largely safe, the other unvaccinated and still at great risk.

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Opinion: 'What a senseless, self-inflicted wound'

During my final months of residency training in Florida this past spring, I lost count of how many young, healthy Covid-19 patients I cared for in the emergency room who just never imagined that they -- of all people -- could become seriously ill.

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Don't wait for full FDA approval to get your Covid shot

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented the public with countless decisions to make: whether to risk leaving their homes, follow health officials' precautionary guidance and, of course, whether or not to get vaccinated with one of the vaccines authorized in the US for emergency use.

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Ex-trainer breaks down stress factors behind Biles' withdrawal

Simone Biles has withdrawn from the individual all-around competition to focus on her mental health, USA Gymnastics announced. It comes after her dramatic withdrawal from the team competition a day earlier. CNN's Kim Brunhuber speaks to Biles' former trainer Robert Andrews about the mounting pressure the gymnast faces.

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Biles: 'I have to focus on my mental health'

Simone Biles withdrew from the women's team gymnastics final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on Tuesday, citing mental heath concerns as she attempts to protect "her body and mind."

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Decision on mask guidance is imminent, source says

Top federal health officials have debated whether to issue new guidance on masks and are close to announcing their decision as the highly contagious Delta variant fuels new outbreaks in the United States.

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Nurse: Health care workers who go unvaccinated offer unfair, unequal care

Covid-19 has killed over 600,000 Americans and sickened many more. It's hard for me to understand why people would refuse a vaccine that could save their lives and those of their family. But as a nurse, what I find even harder to understand is why some health care workers choose not to get vaccinated and put patients at risk as a result.

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