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A 'huge wave of evictions' is possible in January

Tammy Phelps had high hopes and big plans for 2020. She had planned to buy her own home and move out of the rental where she and her five children had been living since her divorce five years ago. She and her boyfriend were planning a wedding.

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How Trump has sown global chaos for women

I am haunted by the memory of a very young, pregnant girl I met at a clinic in Kisumu, Kenya. She had been raped. Her mother had brought her to the clinic saying she had a stomachache. The girl stared at the floor and didn't speak. No one told the girl that terminating the pregnancy was an option, even though there was an abortion clinic literally across the road. Looking at her tiny frame, I wondered if she would survive a pregnancy.

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An 'angry' Trump enters debate as advisers hope for some chill

After his abrasive debate performance in September, President Donald Trump walked off stage believing he had won. It was only in the ensuing hours, as he watched clips of his constant interruptions and irate demeanor play on television, that he recognized how poorly his conduct came across.

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How Dr. Fauci reacted to Trump's Covid-19 diagnosis

Dr. Anthony Fauci said on CBS's "60 Minutes" that he was "absolutely not" surprised when President Donald Trump contracted coronavirus and that he had been worried about the lack of adherence to Covid-19 safety protocols at White House events.

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At 32, this man spent two years entrenched in the world of a virtual cult. Until one day, he wasn't.

One day in June 2019, Jitarth Jadeja went outside to smoke a cigarette. For two years he'd been in the virtual cult of QAnon. But now he'd watched a YouTube video that picked apart the last element of the theory he believed in. Standing there smoking, he would say later, he felt "shattered." He had gone down the QAnon rabbit hole; now, having emerged from it, he had no idea what to do next.

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Barrett hearings shine a light on differences between two parties

No real news came out of the three days of Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation hearings. As expected, Democrats focused on Obamacare and abortion, with a little bit on guns and voting rights. Also as expected, the nominee declined to discuss any pending or potential cases, or any legal issue on which she hadn't already opined in scholarly or judicial writings.

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McConnell nixes Trump 'big' stimulus proposal

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appeared to put an end to any pre-election prospects for President Donald Trump's latest big stimulus proposal on Thursday, saying he had no plans to bring to the floor any package at $1.8 trillion or above.

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