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Here's the deal with Twitter CEO's weird 'clock'

On Wednesday, the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter appeared (virtually) before a congressional committee to answer hours of pointed questions about how their platforms handle misinformation.

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Opinion: Texas disaster casts harsh light on America's future

No one expects the United States to control the weather and it can't prevent animal viruses in other countries from jumping into humans. But the way it has "handled" recent disasters, from the pandemic to the current weather crisis in Texas, shows that it can offer a master class in how to make a mighty nation look a lot like a failing state.

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Biden administration works to clean house of Trump appointees

Battle lines are forming across Washington as the Biden administration grapples with how to handle dozens of Trump loyalists the former President installed after the election. Over the past two weeks, the new administration has made an effort to remove a number of Trump appointees across various government agencies and boards. While some have gone quietly, others have not, raising questions about the legal authority President Joe Biden holds in removing his predecessor's appointees, and how successful he will be in rooting out people he doesn't want.

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'It was rigged': Graham berated at airport

Senator Lindsey Graham was surrounded and heckled by Pro-Trump supporters while walking through Reagan National Airport after criticizing how President Trump handled the Capitol Hill riots.

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Prospects for a stimulus deal fading in the lame duck

The prospects for another coronavirus stimulus package appear to be slim in in the wake of the November elections -- with both sides still badly divided over the size and scope of such a plan and lawmakers uncertain how President Donald Trump will handle the matter now that he's lost his bid for reelection.

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