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Opinion: A radical idea to wake up lawmakers on gun violence

I will always appreciate the joy and challenges that came with helping my son Joaquin do his homework. It involved many inside jokes and thoughtful conversations throughout the process of understanding the main subject and achieving the final task.

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The great debate on gun violence

Since George Floyd's murder, there have been two distinct conversations about public safety in America. One has focused on how policing disproportionately harms communities of color, particularly Black men. The other has focused on gun violence, which also disproportionately harms Black men.

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15-year-old lost 5 classmates this year. What he thinks could change that

The April 12 police killing of Black teenager Anthony Thompson Jr. inside of a bathroom at Knoxville's Austin-East Magnet High School has sparked a wave of protests throughout the city. Thompson is the school's fifth student to die at the hands of gun violence this year, and many in the Black community say they've reached a boiling point. We go to the frontlines of demonstrations to speak with activists, teachers, and longtime city residents who say they're committed to disrupting the peace in order to call attention to systemic failures plaguing the Black community in Knoxville. CNN's Chris James reports.

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How to cover gun violence as a public health emergency

Experts say coverage should be holistic, not episodic. Abene Clayton, the lead reporter for the Guns and Lies in America project for The Guardian, says that reporters should "spread their time and attention on gun violence equitably" and says media coverage tends to favor shooting stories with "surprise value." Kyle Pope also weighs in.

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I was apathetic about gun violence -- until my 6-year-old son was killed

For a few days, the news focuses on coverage of whatever the most recent shooting is and the devastation it caused the families and communities. But like with most horrific stories, the majority of people will move on with their lives, unaware (or disbelieving) that the same violence could happen in their own community -- and in so many communities every single day.

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Mass shootings show what is poisoning American democracy

The recent shootings in Boulder and Atlanta have put the issue of gun violence at the center of America's national discussion, and both tragedies demand greater attention be paid to how racism and gun violence, especially mass shootings, intersect. Specifically, America's legal, educational, and policy structures must untangle the relationship between gun violence, race, democracy, and public safety.

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