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Trooper claims self-defense; video shows something else, investigators say

As a Georgia state trooper, Jacob Thompson impressed his bosses. They praised him for setting records in his unit for traffic stops and DUI busts. They commended his dedication to serving on the agency's honor guard. And they noted that in his off hours he raised money for a children's hospital and worked as a volunteer firefighter.

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Ride along on dramatic mission to rescue migrants

Go There boards a Turkish coast guard ship with CNN's Jomana Karadsheh to observe search-and-rescue efforts along the north Aegean Sea, where Turkish officials say 6,600 migrants and refugees have been rescued from the water since February. The asylum-seekers are alleging that masked men are rounding them up at shore, taking their money and pushing them back out to sea. The Greek government has repeatedly denied any involvement.

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What are poll watchers and what do they do?

President Donald Trump this week urged his supporters in North Carolina to "be poll watchers" when they vote to guard against "the thieving and stealing and robbing" he claimed would occur as voters cast their ballots.

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Ex-police chief: Police should never welcome the help of vigilantes

A bystander video recorded shortly before the fatal shooting of two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shows the accused shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse, with an assault-style rifle, milling among a group of other armed civilians claiming to be standing guard against people gathered to protest the police shooting, two days earlier, of Jacob S. Blake.

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