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Retail sales growth slowed down in August

Retail sales ticked up in August from the previous month but at a slower pace after the enhanced unemployment benefits provided by the federal government ended.

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The easy recovery is over

The United Kingdom, which is one of the few countries to report monthly GDP data, said on Friday that its economy grew by 6.6% in July compared to the previous month — putting it on track for record growth in the third quarter.

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'This is not OK': ESPN analyst pleads for change in emotional on-air moment

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit was overcome with emotion while discussing the issues of racial injustice that the Black community faces in the United States. New York Times columnist Charles Blow responded, saying individual growth is one step, but policy change is what's needed to undo systemic racism.

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Opinion: Some thoughts, and thanks, on CNN Digital at 25 years

Trusted journalism brands are more important now than ever. CNN is certainly one of those -- the most trusted, actually. Across our digital platforms, we reach more than 30 million people on average in a single day. That number that has grown dramatically since launched on this day in 1995. That trust and growth -- and the instinct of millions of people who come to CNN when it matters most -- inspires and motivates those of us who work here.

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Opinion: People in their 20s and 30s are spreading the virus

In the past year, I watched as Australia was ravaged by bush fires. Between episodes of raging walls of fire, there would be weeks of calm, where the fires smoldered through sparse bushland, only to erupt into towering infernos again when the flames reached tinder-dry, old-growth forests.

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