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Opinion: How to talk to your kids about the Covid-19 vaccines

As a pediatrician, mother and grandmother, I know that kids generally do not look forward to getting shots, no matter how important vaccines are for their health. With the Covid-19 vaccine on the horizon for children ages 5-11, millions of parents may be contemplating a conversation with their child about getting immunized.

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What I want Covid vaccine to do for my grandkids

As a pediatrician and a grandmother, I have followed news of the clinical trials for the Covid-19 vaccines in younger children with great anticipation. My two grandchildren, ages 5 and 8, returned to in-person school this fall and while they wear their masks, I still feel an undercurrent of anxiety as they lack the best protection of all: vaccination.

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Here's why we were so invested in TikTok's sorority recruitment saga

It's day two of philanthropy round. Will you be wearing the Pants Store skort with the Kendra Scott earrings, or the Shein shorts with the bangles from Amazon? As long as you don't forget the heels your grandmother ordered and a statement necklace, you'll have the perfect OOTD.

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Son: Mom had concerns night before building collapse

Pablo Rodriguez, whose mother and grandmother are still unaccounted for following the collapse of his mom's condo building in Surfside, Florida, tells CNN's Erin Burnett about the most recent conversation he had with his mom.

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