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Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz open the doors to their art-filled California mansion

In the mountains north of San Diego, a modernist mansion made of white concrete and glass rises from the cliffside. The property, nicknamed "Razor House" after the nearby Razor Point Trail, is now home to two famous inhabitants: singer Alicia Keys and her music producer husband Kasseem Dean, better known as Swizz Beatz, alongside their children Genesis and Egypt.

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Analysis: Why Chinese influencers are flocking to a Costco in Shanghai

A girl wearing a green varsity jacket sits with her feet up inside a shopping cart in an empty parking lot; a group of friends in sunglasses hold up pizzas and cokes; another girl in a baseball cap poses on a lawn at dusk, looking back at her long shadow on the grass.

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Energy crisis could force more UK factories to close

British companies that produce steel, paper, glass, cement, ceramics and chemicals say they will be forced to close factories or pass on rising costs to consumers unless the UK government provides relief from soaring energy prices.

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Obsidian 'spirit mirror' used by Elizabeth I's adviser has Aztec origins

An obsidian "spirit mirror" used by a confidant of Queen Elizabeth I is actually a product of the Aztec culture, according to new research. An analysis of the obsidian mirror, made from volcanic glass, and three other similar objects at the British Museum revealed their Mexican origins.

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She broke baseball's glass ceiling. Now she has to fix one of the league's worst teams

Derek Jeter had a problem. In 2020, his third year as chief executive and part-owner of the Miami Marlins, the team broke their long streak of missing the playoffs. But after the team had traded away nearly every big-name player on its roster in recent years, he was looking at rebuilding the Marlins from the bottom up — with a limited budget. The Marlins had also recently parted ways with its head of baseball operations.

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The $3.5 million spectacles said to ward off evil

Two pairs of 17th-century glasses are expected to fetch millions of dollars at auction next month. The jewel-encrusted spectacles, which feature lenses made from diamond and emerald rather than glass, are believed to have originally belonged to royals in the Mughal Empire, which once ruled over the Indian subcontinent.

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Last of Tokyo's geishas cling to a disappearing trade

Wearing tall platform sandals and a long kimono, Ikuko glides across the room as if she were balancing a glass of water on her head. She gazes at a wall of old photos in Tokyo's Akasaka geisha house.

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Analysis: How the stained-glass divide is straining American politics

New county-level findings on Americans' religious affiliations show the two parties glaring across a deep chasm in America's changing spiritual landscape. The religious fault line between the two sides is only deepening, adding another explosive dimension to the volatile separation between red and blue America.

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Glass-bottomed panda train debuts in China

Chengdu is famous for being the home of China's panda breeding program, so it seems only fitting that the southwestern city should have a panda train to welcome international tourists when they return.

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