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Review: 'Dopesick' gives Purdue Pharma and OxyContin a sweeping dramatic treatment

"Dopesick" is a major undertaking, exploring the opioid crisis from multiple angles, including the ground-level carnage inflicted by OxyContin addiction, Purdue Pharma's inner workings and the government personnel seeking to combat it. Scattered in places, in its totality it's an engrossing eight-part series, made more so by Purdue's bankruptcy proceedings and the Sackler family's efforts to avoid additional consequences.

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Designer gives London streets a technicolor makeover

Yinka Ilori, a British Nigerian designer known for his exuberant technicolor murals, has transformed 11 pedestrian crossings in central London as part of a new public art project hoping to increase domestic tourism within the UK.

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SE Cupp: Finally, it's Monica's moment

CNN Political Commentator SE Cupp gives her take on what it means for Monica Lewinsky to have her point of view made more prominent in a new miniseries about her affair with former president Bill Clinton.

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Doctors want investigation into state's handling of pandemic

CNN's Martin Savidge gives a deeper look at Tennessee's political battle over the handling of coronavirus vaccinations after the state health department temporarily halted all adolescent vaccine outreach, even for vaccines not related to Covid-19.

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