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A decades-long photography series about girlhood takes a tragic turn

In black-and-white photographs, the relationships of several teenage girls unfold through after-school hangouts, late-night parties and prom photos in mid-1980s New York. They are Blake and Leslie, two Jens, Zoe and Molly, applying makeup in mirrors, deep in conversation on the subway and shielding their cigarettes from the wind. Fast forward and they have partners and children, the women weaving in and out of each other's lives like a tangled braid.

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Powerful female portraits challenge gender norms

For Chinese photographer Luo Yang, girlhood has a multitude of meanings. But rather than relying on the type of saccharine depictions often used in China to depict young women -- gentle, delicate, and overly feminine -- Luo's ongoing project "Girls" features edgy and alternative subjects who defy stereotype and expectation.

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