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Raw cookie dough risk isn't relevant to Covid precautions

Here we go again: Covid-19 cases are falling in nearly every state, spring is in the air and everyone is getting restless. Some have even gone so far as to let us know they are done with the pandemic or at least ready to move away from the problem.

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These are the only workers really seeing higher wages

Lots of workers are getting raises, but for many, the pay hikes won't buy them more at the grocery store or car dealership. In fact, wages are behind where they were when the pandemic began, if you take rising prices into account.

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Here's how to drive safely on ice and snow

With whiteout conditions predicted starting Friday as part of a strong winter storm poised to wallop a long stretch of the East Coast, officials warn drivers in affected areas to avoid getting on roads this weekend unless it is absolutely necessary -- and to practice extreme caution if they do.

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After the Omicron wave, here's what experts say could come next

Picture a not-too-distant future when you can book that summer trip to Italy or you don't have to remember to take off your mask for graduation photos. After the past 25 months, forgetting the pandemic for even a little while may sound like a fantasy -- after all, the coronavirus has gotten our hopes up before.

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Why you should report your Covid test results

Testing yourself for coronavirus infection can be more convenient than getting a clinic or lab test, but from a public health standpoint, experts say there's at least one key downside.

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