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Bumble to make Wall Street debut in a milestone moment for female founders

Whitney Wolfe Herd isn't based in Silicon Valley. She doesn't have a STEM degree and she didn't raise billions in venture capital. But Wolfe Herd's company, Bumble, is set to have one of the most high-profile technology IPOs of the year so far, in what will be a milestone moment not just for her business but for female founders generally.

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Opinion: What the obsession with the reporter and Martin Shkreli says about us

It takes a rare, compelling story to go viral on a Sunday night the week of Christmas, but managed it with the publication of Stephanie Clifford's "The Journalist and the Pharma Bro," a tale of how former Bloomberg News reporter Christie Smythe torpedoed her career and generally blew up her life for "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli, one of the most hated men in America. Shkreli became famous for price-gouging a life-saving drug and magnified his villain status by getting permanently suspended from Twitter for harassing female journalists online. He wound up in prison for fraud, which is where he sits today.

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Analysis: Why this Texas 'election fraud' lawsuit is a joke

When most people hear "lawsuit" and "Supreme Court," they generally think something serious is going on. After all, the legal system in America is no joke! And if the Supreme Court might get involved? Well then, we all need to sit up and pay attention.

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Opinion: Democrats' all-out battle over who deserves credit for Biden win

You simply don't get 75 plus million votes as a Democrat running for President unless you've put together a broad and ideological diverse coalition. And a broad coalition generally means the various factions of the party have put their differences aside temporarily in the service of the greater good -- defeating the Republicans. The operative word in that sentence is temporarily.

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How South Africa is viewing Trump vs. Biden

South Africans are painfully aware that their country generally does not loom large, if at all, in the awareness of most Americans, nor in the policies of their government. But that doesn't mean they're not waiting with keen interest to see the outcome of Tuesday's race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

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Trump has run a historically bad campaign

As we head into the final days of the presidential contest -- a time when candidates generally race to make their best closing arguments to the voters -- it is worth looking at how badly run the Trump campaign has been.

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What to expect from debate moderator Chris Wallace

Brian Stelter, Molly Jong-Fast, and Mark Lukasiewicz discuss Fox journalist Chris Wallace's role as moderator of the first presidential debate. Lukasiewicz warns, "Lying works on live television. Live fact-checking is almost impossible and generally not terribly effective."

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Emmy ratings fall again to record low

What if you threw a party -- one generally praised by critics, presented with no serious glitches in the midst of a pandemic -- and relatively speaking, nobody showed up? That's the puzzle facing the Television Academy, in the wake of another year of record-low ratings for the Emmy Awards.

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Reading polls? Keep grains of salt handy

The belated arrival of the party nominating conventions brought with it a slew of polls measuring where voters stand on the presidential race, and the conventional wisdom around those polls suggests they all say the same thing: Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump by a margin that's generally larger than is seen at this stage of the race.

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Opinion: Why the national security adviser's Covid-19 infection is a national security problem

With coronavirus casualties at sickening levels, Americans learned on Monday that no one is safe from Covid-19 -- not even the man who's supposed to be keeping Americans safe. News that US National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien has tested positive for the virus presents an immediate health risk within the walls of the White House while serving as a worrisome metaphor for the administration's coronavirus crisis management more generally. If the government couldn't keep a top-ranking official like O'Brien healthy, that doesn't instill confidence it can do the same for us.

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How will we party post-pandemic?

In nightclubs around the world, once-crowded dance floors have remained empty for months. If you need reminding, clubbing is close contact activity: People share drinks, hug, kiss and generally invade each others personal space until the early hours of the morning.

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