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Hidden black hole discovered in our neighboring galaxy

A newly discovered black hole has been hiding in a cluster containing thousands of stars in our neighboring Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy. The black hole is 160,000 light-years away from Earth, and it's 11 times the mass of our sun.

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The search for another Earth across the galaxy heats up

I've always been a bit dazzled by the fact that, as humans, we truly are made of star stuff. This week, an element found in our teeth was detected for the first time in a galaxy 12 billion light-years away.

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Review: 'Eternals' expands the Marvel universe with a messy, history-spanning origin saga

Adapting a relatively obscure comic into a sprawling epic, "Eternals" might be Marvel's boldest bet since "Guardians of the Galaxy," and that worked out. Whether this millennia-spanning tale of immortals hiding in plain sight on Earth can repeat history will serve as a referendum on the studio's muscle, especially because the movie's structural flaws offset its stunning visuals and strong performances.

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Opinion: Scientists are going back to Einstein to best Yoda -- and know the fate of the universe

In the 2002 blockbuster Star Wars movie "Attack of the Clones," Jedi Masters Obi-wan Kenobi and Yoda use a detailed three-dimensional map of their galaxy to solve an intriguing political puzzle. That map, while no doubt an amazing (if fictional) achievement, pales in comparison with the goals of a new telescopic facility that is just beginning operations here on Earth.

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See stunning new view of the Milky Way

CNN space analyst Miles O'Brien and Anderson Cooper discuss what a view of the center of the Milky Way galaxy could explain about the universe. Watch "Full Circle" Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6p E.T.

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