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Black History Month this year is more than a trip down memory lane

Black History Month is more important to the future of American democracy than ever. At a critical time, it offers the nation a window into its own soul -- if we are only courageous enough to look. What gazes back at us is not just the past, but a way of better understanding the political, economic and social ills that plague us. The racial disparities so terribly evident in the Covid-19 pandemic and the most divisive presidential election in American history are rooted in circumstances that can best be explained, analyzed and interrogated through the lens of Black history.

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The huge divide between Biden and Sanders

The main lesson of the Democratic primaries is the growing generational divide in US politics, one that reflects the deep and disruptive shifts taking place in the US economy. Former Vice President Joe Biden has captured the votes of older Democrats; Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders the votes of younger Democrats. Both Sanders and Biden outpace Trump in head-to-head polls, and in a recent poll, Biden leads Trump among voters of all ages, with the margin narrowing significantly among older voters. It is vital to understand the generational divide both to address America's glaring crises and to peer ahead to the future of American politics.

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Meet the future of American politics

There's a massive age gap between US government representatives and those they represent. Adults under 30 make up nearly 22% of voting-aged citizens in the United States, yet they are sorely underrepresented at all levels of government.

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Ice-cool Stephens too good for Keys in U.S. Open final

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Sloane Stephens stayed composed throughout the U.S. Open final, playing near-perfect tennis to win her maiden grand slam title with a 6-3 6-0 victory against Madison Keys as the future of American women's tennis seemed assured on Saturday.

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GOP health care debate misses the point, experts say

The future of American health care dominates politics this year, but a high-profile team of experts suggests the current debate will not be the prescription to fix the country's entire ailing system.

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