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5 tax changes that can boost your refund

Many US tax filers get refunds when they file their federal income taxes. But this year, thanks to several temporarily expanded tax breaks, you could get back more -- or in some cases, less -- than you might expect.

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Biden's $1 billion bet to make beef cheaper: When will prices fall?

The White House on Monday offered a solution to surging meat prices: an action plan that includes investing $1 billion of American Rescue Plan funds to boost competition in the industry and promises to ramp up regulation and enforcement of anticompetition laws. But some experts say the move is unlikely to offer relief at the grocery store right away.

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Stunning wildlife images from the world's leading photographers

The final moments before the death of the last male northern white rhino, a 66-year-old elephant swimming in the ocean, and renowned primatologist Jane Goodall searching for chimpanzees in Tanzania in the early 1960s; these are all moments captured in a collection of powerful photographs that have been donated to raise funds for conservation projects.

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Part of lawsuit against Trump's inaugural committee moves to trial

A lawsuit filed by DC Attorney General Karl Racine accusing former President Donald Trump's 2017 Presidential Inaugural Committee of abusing non-profit funds will proceed to trial after a DC Superior Court judge ruled Monday that claims accusing the committee of overpaying for event space may move forward.

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Florida is only state not to submit school Covid-19 relief funding plan

Florida is the only state that has not yet submitted a plan to the US Department of Education for how it will use federal Covid-19 relief funds for schools, according to a new letter from the agency -- the latest in a series of escalating stances against the Biden administration.

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Governor signs bills to use Covid-19 relief funds to build prisons

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law Friday a number of prison infrastructure bills that will use coronavirus relief funds to build new prisons in the state, calling it a "pivotal moment for the trajectory of our state's criminal justice system."

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Schools still have billions of federal Covid relief money to spend

Congress authorized more than $190 billion to help America's schools reopen and stay open during the pandemic -- and while a lot of the funds were used to buy PPE, upgrade ventilation and boost summer school programs, there are still billions of dollars left to be spent.

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