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World leader using pandemic as cover for power grab

While people in Europe are giving up some hard-won freedoms to contain the cornavirus, the pandemic is being used by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban as a cover for a power grab. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.

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Remote islands swamped by people trying to escape virus

With many people facing weeks largely confined to their homes in densely populated cities because of the coronavirus, it's understandable that some have considered heading to wilder, more remote places in pursuit of freedom and fresh air.

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Democracy is dying in India, Trump's on wrong side

For decades following World War II, the free world has looked to the United States for democratic and civil guidance. So, when President Trump wrapped up his two-day visit to India in February and praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for India's "religious freedom" following Hindu-Muslim riots in parts of the capital, it didn't just feel like Indian democracy was crumbling further; it felt as though it had got the go ahead from a global superpower.

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Angelina Jolie: What we must do for Afghan women

Throughout International Women's Day, my thoughts have been with the women of Afghanistan whose hard-won rights and freedom are hanging in the balance. Just days ago, an agreement was signed between the government of the United States and the Taliban that was reached without the inclusion of women, made no mention of women's rights under the Afghan constitution, and contained no commitments to protecting those rights in the intra-Afghan negotiations that are to come.

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