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Australians stranded abroad because of government cap

Thousands of Australian citizens all around the globe are stranded, unable to return home because Australia has set a cap for how many people can enter the country every week, leaving many of their own citizens stuck in foreign lands.

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Ending the Iranian occupation

Protesters in Lebanon and Iraq in the last year have turned their ire not only against conditions in their own countries, but against Iran's corrosive influence in them. Past Palestinian protests in Gaza against the Iran-supported terrorist group Hamas, and protests in Iran itself, against the use of scarce Iranian resources for its leaders' foreign malign expeditions, have voiced similar frustrations. Syria has been virtually destroyed by a now over nine-year civil war in which much of the population has fought the Iran-backed Syrian leadership.

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I'm a Muslim US Marine and I served on 9/11

Like many of us, I vividly remember where I was and what I was doing on 9/11. Nearly one year earlier, I had made one of the toughest decisions any young 18-year-old American could ever make -- I raised my hand to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic" and became part of America's finest. I became a United States Marine.

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China imposes new visa restrictions targeting US media

In the latest round of tit-for-tat between Beijing and Washington targeting each other's media outlets, Chinese authorities have imposed new visa restrictions on foreign journalists working for US news organizations in China.

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House Democrats move to hold Pompeo in contempt of Congress

Democratic chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Eliot Engel, announced Friday that his panel is moving to hold Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in contempt of Congress for repeatedly refusing to comply with subpoenas of records related to "his transparently political misuse of Department resources."

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Pompeo's dangerous foreign policy messages

At the most basic level, the first two nights of the RNC displayed the foreign policy risks of another Trump term -- including the refusal to honestly acknowledge both successes and failures, to candidly come to grips with the actual threats and opportunities, and to put protecting Americans ahead of promoting personal politics.

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Analysis: Pompeo previews Trump's China election strategy

President Donald Trump is the only person who can take on China, his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday -- a preview of what is emerging as a significant foreign policy issue this election cycle.

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Senate report finds Manafort sought to share information with Russian officer

The Senate Intelligence Committee released Tuesday the most comprehensive and meticulous examination to date explaining how Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election and the Trump campaign welcomed the foreign adversary's help, revealing new information about contacts between Russian officials and associates of President Donald Trump during and after the campaign.

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Smerconish: Beware the 'Blue Shift'

We could be headed for a major dispute over the 2020 Presidential race outcome even without foreign interference or fraud, because of delays in vote counting.

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