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Analysis: Amanda Gorman's distinctly Black love for country

The enterprise of creating a more perfect union still "stands before us," to use Amanda Gorman's words, from confronting persistent racial inequalities to banishing the reanimated forces of White supremacy that threatened the US Capitol on January 6.

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Rural clinics take on tough task of distributing vaccine

Go There heads to rural Montana and Texas, where small clinics overwhelmed by the pandemic prepare to face another challenge: receiving and distributing vaccines. For hard-to-access clinics, the virus has brought on unique challenges -- from health care workers being forced to drive long distances to administer them, to a severe impact in distribution capabilities if there is even one positive Covid-19 test amongst medical staff.

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Biden admin promises equitable vaccine access to Black and brown communities

President-elect Joe Biden and his administration vow to ensure Black and brown people get equal access to the Covid-19 vaccine through mobile clinics, vaccination centers and partnerships with local communities, the chair of Biden's Covid-19 Equity Task Force said during a Black clergy event on Monday.

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