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How one North Carolina county is fighting vaccine hesitancy

Onslow County, North Carolina has one of the highest rates of vaccine hesitancy in the state, according to CDC data. It is one of many places across the country, where healthcare workers are struggling to get shots into arms. This area is also home to the massive Marine base, Camp Lejeune, which faces its own unique challenges when it comes to getting Marines to take the vaccine. CNN visits this county and follows those who are working to turn these vaccination numbers around.

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5 federal agencies potentially breached in Pulse Connect Secure hack

At least five federal civilian agencies appear to have been breached in the latest hack to hit the US government, a discovery that follows emergency measures to mitigate potential damage from the incident, according to a top official at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

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Opinion: Black Americans have shown up for Asian Americans before. They still can now

On Friday, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Atlanta to confront the racial hatred that is forcing millions of people of Asian descent to live in daily fear. The trip comes on the heels of Tuesday's carnage -- in which a White man in Atlanta killed eight people, including six Asian women. Though the motive has not yet been established, this shooting spree follows a pattern of increasing violence against Asian Americans, particularly women and elders.

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What a journalist's jailing for heroic Covid coverage exposes about China

My business -- documenting attacks on journalists in Asia and advocating on their behalf -- requires a thick skin. I can't let every case get to me, or I couldn't function. But sometimes a case pierces through the armor. That happened Monday morning when I awoke to the news that a Chinese court had sentenced journalist Zhang Zhan, 37, to four years in jail for "picking quarrels and provoking trouble." This follows the government indictment, which accused her of "publishing large amounts of fake information."

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Review: George Clooney tries to save humanity in 'The Midnight Sky'

George Clooney takes his biggest directorial swing yet with "The Midnight Sky," and comes away with a decidedly mixed result. A beyond-bleak post-apocalyptic thriller, the sci-fi film reaches a reasonably satisfying finish, but follows an uneven orbit in getting there.

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Ohio GOP governor says he follows Fauci and Birx on guidance

Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine said Sunday that he follows the "very good guidance" given by White House coronavirus task members Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Anthony Fauci, as the voice of another task force member whose advice on the pandemic is at odds with the public health experts has gained prominence.

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Judge Barrett is a threat to families like mine

My son Rob is 23 years old. He follows politics, enjoys sips of whiskey, and loves baseball. He also has a rare form of dystonia, a feeding tube, and a tracheostomy, among other pre-existing medical conditions. He uses a speech-generating computerized device to communicate with us. If the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were struck down by the Supreme Court after the addition of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a mother of a disabled child herself, Rob would be uninsurable, like so many of his disabled peers.

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Typhoon is forecast to strengthen before making landfall

For the second time in one week, a powerful typhoon is churning in the direction of the Korean Peninsula. Typhoon Maysak (pronounced My-Suk) follows on the heels of Typhoon Bavi, which battered western North Korea last Thursday as a Category 1 equivalent system.

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