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Flash floods in northern Iraq kill 12

At least 12 people have died in flash floods caused by heavy rains overnight in northern and northeastern Iraq, Erbil mayor Nabz Abdulhamid told CNN Friday.

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The world's newest nation is both drying up and drowning

Many of the main roads running through Unity State are now completely submerged, yet the traffic remains. There are no cars, just people, some of whom swim, others wade, pushing their way through the heavy silt-laden water. The more fortunate glide by on canoes with their livestock and whatever possessions they could salvage from the floods.

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Generation Climate: How the crisis made young people the adults in the room

Vanessa Nakate was 21 when deadly floods inundated vast swaths of East Africa in 2018. She didn't consider herself a climate activist at the time, but soon after that disaster she and her younger siblings and cousins decorated placards and started climate protests in her home city of Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

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Analysis: How a warning about food supply sparked panic buying in China

Few issues are more important to Beijing than food security. For centuries, ruling governments have grappled with the challenges of feeding a large, expanding population. Droughts, floods and famines feature prominently throughout Chinese history — and rebellions launched by starving peasants toppled numerous imperial dynasties.

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Opinion: How alternative meats could help save the planet

As the US swelters under repeated killer heat waves, fire seasons start earlier and burn ever more acreage, and floods ravage Europe, the urgency of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions has never been greater. "Code red for humanity," indeed, as we were warned with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's sixth assessment.

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Opinion: This summer is a terrible reminder of why we must build back nature

Hundreds of thousands evacuated following floods in China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Turkey, Indonesia, the UK and Germany. Droughts across 40% of the USA, a record drought in Brazil leads to massive power cuts, while Madagascar is on the brink of famine. Record heat in Canada. Wildfires scorching Greece, Italy and Siberia, causing severe air pollution in Mongolia. We no longer need to state the obvious -- this is a climate crisis of our own creation.

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