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2022 is starting with a flurry of severe weather

As we ring in the new year, severe storms and flooding will be hitting some of the same areas ravaged by tornadoes just two weeks ago, and some parts of the Midwest will be looking at their biggest snowstorm of the season so far.

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Inside the huge flood barrier built to save Venice

The first thing it resembles -- this private, manmade island, straddling the Adriatic Sea and the Venetian lagoon -- is a Bond villain's lair. The second -- as you dock at the private pontoon, walk past the Brutalist concrete façade, and into a "control room" where staff watch monitors tracking the waters around the island 24/7 -- is something out of "Squid Game."

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The Democratic retirement floodgates just burst open

Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy announced Monday that she will not seek a fourth term in Congress, the latest in a rapid series of retirements within the Democratic ranks that suggest momentum is moving heavily against the party as it seeks to hold on to its razor-thin majority next November.

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Flash floods in northern Iraq kill 12

At least 12 people have died in flash floods caused by heavy rains overnight in northern and northeastern Iraq, Erbil mayor Nabz Abdulhamid told CNN Friday.

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The world's newest nation is both drying up and drowning

Many of the main roads running through Unity State are now completely submerged, yet the traffic remains. There are no cars, just people, some of whom swim, others wade, pushing their way through the heavy silt-laden water. The more fortunate glide by on canoes with their livestock and whatever possessions they could salvage from the floods.

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