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Analysis: Newsmax's post-election ratings bonanza is over. What now?

Newsmax TV gained a lot of attention last fall when disaffected Fox News fans flocked to the channel en masse. For the first time in Fox's 24-year history, it had real and measurable 24/7 competition from the right. And that's still true -- but Newsmax's Nielsen ratings are way off their post-election highs.

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Why messaging app Signal is so popular right now

Users have flocked to encrypted messaging app Signal by the millions in recent days — bringing it to the No. 1 spot on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store's top free apps lists this week.

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Authorities on high alert as pro-Trump supporters flood DC to protest election

Hundreds of law enforcement officers have mobilized across Washington as thousands of supporters who refuse to accept President Donald Trump's election loss have flocked to the nation's capital to protest when Congress gathers Wednesday afternoon to put the final stamp on President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

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The median price of a home here is $2.125 million, and real estate is on fire

With its large, stately million-dollar homes and manicured lawns, Greenwich, Connecticut, has long been a serene enclave that veteran hedge fund managers and financial services executives call home. But after the pandemic hit, a new wave of wealthy New York City residents have flocked to the town seeking added space and a sense of suburban security.

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Outdoor heaters aren't enough to save restaurants this winter

Over the summer, diners flocked to hastily assembled outdoor patios. The airy option was great for people still wary of eating indoors because of the coronavirus pandemic and offered a much-needed sales boost for restaurants with dining restrictions.

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