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Treasury secretary: 'It's flirting with a self-inflicted crisis'

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Thursday that the debate over the US debt ceiling amounts to "flirting with a self-inflicted crisis" but that everyone "breathed a sigh of relief" after Democrats and Republicans reached a deal to avert economic disaster.

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Bitcoin soars past $33,000, its highest ever

Bitcoin has been flirting with the $30,000 mark for weeks, and finally passed that record-setting level Saturday. The virtual currency is now valued at above $33,000, an all-time high.

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GRAPHIC-Take Five: Flirting with zero

Few people will be brave enough to call the end of the 30-year bond bullrun, but the idea that sub-zero borrowing costs may not be around forever is one people are increasingly willing to entertain. Upbeat economic data, signs of a trade war truce and above all, central banks' clear reluctance to cut interest rates further have shrunk the global negative-yield bond pool to $12.5 trillion from $17 trillion two months ago.

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Amazon's less-than-zero tax rate is unacceptable

Vice President Joe Biden is right to join the chorus of other leading Democratic presidential candidates, such as Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in criticizing the fact that Amazon paid no federal income taxes in 2018. Amazon, a company whose market capitalization or value has been flirting with the $1 trillion mark for some time now, had $233 billion in revenues in 2018, showed $11 billion in pure profit before taxes, and actually got a tax refund of $129 million, on account of tax losses and credits brought forward from prior years.

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Not a crazy idea: Oscars should consider an ensemble category

After flirting with adding a "popular film" category, the Oscars might have an answer for bringing more sizzle to their show hiding in plain sight -- at least if Wednesday's Screen Actors Guild nominations are any guide -- by introducing a "best ensemble" statue.

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