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Step inside a 'flight to nowhere'

With travel restrictions due to Covid-19, airlines are offering "Flights to nowhere" that allow passengers to board planes, enjoy the trip and disembark at the same location. Take a look at what it's like.

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How investigators found a jet engine under Greenland's ice sheet

Four hours into a September 2017 Air France flight 66 from Paris to Los Angeles, over 500 horrified passengers felt one of the aircraft's four engines spontaneously explode. "IS THERE A PROBLEM," read the message from air traffic controllers to the pilots. The plane, with over 500 passengers onboard, was flying four thousand feet below its previous altitude and, indeed, there was a problem. The front portion of an engine had fallen off, plummeting more than seven miles to the frozen Greenland ice sheet below.

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What happened on the Qantas flight to nowhere

After months of working almost nonstop during the coronavirus pandemic, doctor Fiona Downes says stepping on board Qantas' seven-hour round-trip to nowhere was "like being home again."

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This couple travels around the world naked

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Nick and Lins De Corte were stuck in Mexico, unable to get flights back to Europe as borders closed and travel restrictions heightened.

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CNN goes inside US surveillance flight over the Black Sea

The number of unsafe interceptions between military jets from Russia and the US over the Black Sea has risen in recent months, but the US has vowed to continue operating in the region despite Russian provocations. CNN's Fred Pleitgen gains exclusive access inside one of their surveillance flights.

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See what Havana's streets look like amid pandemic

Cuba has been in lockdown for 6 months with no commercial flights coming in or out of the island. Many of the country's main tourist centers look like ghost towns with hotels and restaurants shuttered. CNN's Patrick Oppmann reports.

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Meet the diverse astronauts of SpaceX

CNN's Rachel Crane talks with astronauts Victor Glover and Shannon Walker. They'll be flying on NASA's Crew-1 mission, the next manned flight of SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft.

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Star Wars: Squadrons is a modern take on the X-Wing series

"Star Wars" flight sims were massively popular in the '90s and early 2000s, but it's been over 15 years since we've seen a full-fledged title featuring starfighter combat. Fortunately, EA noticed how positively players responded to the Starfighter Assault mode in Star Wars Battlefront II and tasked Motive Studios with creating Star Wars: Squadrons.

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Tickets for Qantas flight to nowhere sell out in minutes

Australian airline Qantas has announced plans for a seven-hour scenic flight that will perform a giant loop taking in Queensland and the Gold Coast, New South Wales and the country's remote outback heartlands. CNN's Richard Quest reports.

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